The main point of the island that we all need to visit is the magnificent cave of St. Ioanni.Ftanei one follows a mountain path and meet a great cave that is considered by most experts in the Cyclades and perhaps one of the best in Greece. The legend says that this is the cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus and the stones flew up in the barren Ulysses Abel.

Also, the bay Mericha located south of the island with easy access to a path where the visitor is faced with huge rocks of the castle meadow containing finds from the Neolithic era.

The island has carved paths that enable visitors to cross beautiful paths and meet the rare birds that have found refuge in the mountains of the pope.

The hotel Aiolos is located in Iraklia Cyclades which is an island part of small Eastern Cyclades cluster southwest of Naxos. It is built on top of the hill of the central village of Iraklia within about 450 meters from the most popular beaches.