The beaches are jewels of the Aegean with crystal clear water beaches ideal for swimming and relaxation.

In St. George you have immediate access is sandy and there are beautiful trees that provide natural shadow.Also restaurants are close enough that can cover different culinary needs generated by the swimming.

Livadi is the jewel of island.Sandy beach big enough, a few trees and turquoise waters ideal for young swimmers with soft bottom.

Tourkopigado a small beach with white pebbles and is accessible by road. The north cave is amazing bed but access takes about quarter of an hour walking along the path.

The beach of Mericha Karvounolakos has beautiful pebble accessible by tour boat “Wind” fixed routes all every day.The bay Mericha is surrounded by sheer cliffs with a height of more than one hundred meters.

Alimia is a unique jewel of a beach that is ideal for swimming and exploring the magnificent tis.Also at the bottom of the sea is a leftover from a fighting ship of the 2nd World Polemou.Accessi is by sea only with the tour boat.

During the summer months you can travel around the island by speedboat and discover beaches that are not accessible by other ways.