The island is located at 36th 5123.54 B & 25th 2657, 61 E. It has an area of approximately 18 sq km and is the largest island of the cluster of small Eastern Cyclades. It is located south of Naxos, east of Ios and west of Amorgos. Is also near Schinoussa.

There are two settlements. The Agios Georgios which is also the island’s port and Panagia that is about 4.5 miles near.

The island at the beginning was the property of the Monastery Chozoviotissa of Amorgos and started from 1826 to be inhabited by people of Amorgos.There are significant archaeological finds from the Neolithic Age to the present. Several have been found in the castle that adorns the hilltop on the meadow’s beach. Important jewel of the island is the cave of St. John. That cave has taken important designation as the best of the Cyclades by cavers, with excellent decoration of stalactites and stalagmites.

On August 28 all the inhabitants of the island and many visitors from surrounding islands go to the cave and sit in the liturgy which is in honour of St. John.The island has paths leading to significant parts of the island as the wing of Mericha, the top of the pope, the fountain, the cave, the north cave and Saint Athanasius, a traditional village with very few houses.

The beaches where you can enjoy the sea and the sun is St. Georgiou, Livadi, East cave, the Tourkopigado which are accessible from the shore and the beach of Mericha, the Karvounolakos and Alimia that you visit by boat that makes daily routes.

There is also an opportunity to visit the neighbouring islands of Sxoinousa and Koufonisia by boat that makes daily trips and Naxos with the Express Skopelitis.

The hotel Aiolos is located in Iraklia Cycladon which is an island part of small Eastern Cyclades cluster southwest of Naxos. It is built on top of the hill of the central village of Iraklia within about 450 meters from the most popular beaches.