Agios Georgios

A sandy beach near the port with large trees to offer their shade.


It’s the island’s biggest and most impressive beach. Sandy, with shallow, crystal clear waters and a beautiful view to schinnousa.


It’s a lovely beach with pebbles on the southeast side of the island. Accessible by vehicle.


It’s located on the South of the island. Cliffs 150 meters high tower above this beautiful, small pebble beach which is accessible only by boat.

Kokkinos Molos

A small pebble beach named after the big red rock in the middle. Accessible only by boat.


An impressive beach in the south of Iraklia with beautiful pebbles and deep blue waters. Accessible only by boat.


A sandy beach on the south ideal for snorkeling or diving. There you can find the German seaplane, 11 meters below the surface. Accessible by boat.

Vorini spilia

A sandy beach on the northern side of the island. You can access it by boat or walk the signposted trail.